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A TRE immersion! This long weekend workshop takes a dive into all things TRE. Open to all from those new to TRE, for developing a practice or if you are thinking of training as a TRE Provider to teach TRE to others.


This workshop is in Devon on 3rd - 5th May 2024.

10am - 6pm.



  • An understanding of TRE and ‘The Tremor Mechanism’

  • Learning to shake in a way that feels contained, regulated and enjoyable

  • Exploring grounding in TRE as a felt sense within the body

  • Self-regulation and the importance of going slow

  • The neurophysiology of stress and trauma and how shaking 'reboots' the nervous system

  • Avoiding Freezing, Flooding and Dissociation

  • Guidance on teaching TRE to individuals (please note that a second Module and supervision process is required to teach TRE. The professional training to do so is called The TRE Provider Process. You can read more here)

  • 4 TRE sessions (known as 'shakes')


TRE Weekend Workshop Devon

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