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Craniosacral therapy works with the natural rhythms and motions of the body.  Restrictions in the body’s tissues can be sensed by the therapist and ‘motion’ and health is restored to areas where it was previously lost, bringing inherent vitality back to the area


Unresolved physical and emotional patterns from life's experiences can restrict natural, healthy motion within the body, which may later manifest in symptoms such as pain, health conditions, and reduced vitality.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) helps to release long held patterns of tension, increase energy, and rebalance the nervous system. It may also have wider implications physically, emotionally and spiritually. 


CST can help with many conditions including muscular aches and pains (e.g. back, neck and shoulders), headaches, fatigue, digestive & immune problems, stress & anxiety and PTSD. As well as enhanced health, energy levels and a shift in symptoms, many clients comment that they are more body aware and some experience profound shifts in themselves and how they relate to the world.

Sessions for Adults - £70  (60 minutes)



I will ask you for some basic information, medical/health history and what brings you for CST.

CST is performed lying on a massage couch fully clothed, usually on your back (if this is comfortable for you). I will place my hands on parts of your body to sense patterns and movement in the tissues and fluids of your 'system'. The touch is very light and gentle. I will be listening and following motion in the body - subtle rhythms, flows and micro movements. Some people can feel and track this, others feel little other than a sense of relaxation.

Sometimes I may ask you to track sensations and feelings in your body, other times it may be more appropriate for a quiet space for settling and stillness. Biodynamic CST works with the priorites of your system and is respectful, gentle and suitable for most conditions and all ages.


Birth is possibly our most challenging life experience. 

Baby is exposed to a huge transition moving from a dark fluid-filled space to one of air, light and noise. The nervous system is ignited. It takes its first breath, and first feed. A rather hectic environment compared to the warmth and safety of the mother’s womb!

Our birth essentially moulds who we are. It affects our nervous and immune systems and imprints on our structural development. How we come in to the world and our early pre-verbal experiences can also imprint into our early psyches. Areas of the body may become restricted or compressed, resulting in many common problems that babies experience e.g. colic, sleeping & feeding issues, difficulty in bonding, inability to settle and birth trauma. 

However, in our early years of life the ability for release is greater as patterns in the tissues and systems of the body have not yet formed. With nurture, often issues can resolve by themselves; and sometimes they require a helping hand.

Sessions for Babies & Children (up to 12 years)
are £70 for up to 60 minutes.


Read about Craniosacral Therapy for Colic and Birth Trauma


With babies & children it is important that there is the time and space to explore what is happening for your child and to give them the freedom to openly express and communicate. For babies it is beneficial to be treated during feeding, as baby is in direct relationship with mum and usually settled.


It is essential that the child feels a sense of containment and safety, and as such mum (or primary care giver), is encouraged to be close by and usually in direct contact, when very young or a baby. Working with mum and baby together is important because early in life their two systems are reflective of each other; they are one. It also benefits bonding, and can help mum to relax too!


At times during the session I will place my hands gently on different parts of the body to sense and work with restrictions in the tissues, fluids and nervous system.

If the child is older we may use play and some children like to lie on the massage couch!

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