Online and UK Training in TRE.

Train as a provider of TRE with Deborah Brown and Steve Haines.

The revolutionary Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises, founded by Dr David Berceli


Train in TRE Online or in the UK.


If you are looking to become a TRE Provider and teach TRE  to others, you can train either online or in person.

Training in TRE consists of three two day modules, supervision, a committed personal practice, and developing knowledge through core reading. It can be completed in a minimum of a year (maximum 24 months).

The trainings listed below are currently in the online community with new dates to follow for in person trainings, subject to government guidance.

Module 1 Online with - Steve Haines and Deborah Brown 

25th & 26 August 2020

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Module 1 focuses on you meeting you - connecting to your body's natural way to release through shaking. We call this the 'tremor mechanism'. You will learn the key concepts of TRE - grounding, self regulation, and tremors, with safety and containment. It's about exploring the experience of what it's like to shake in a safe and controlled way. Module 1 is open to everyone.

Module 2 is about teaching TRE to individuals and for those wishing to engage in the TRE Provider Process. You will learn the skills to support your clients to do what you did in Module 1.

Module 3 is groups - teaching what you learnt in Module 2 to more people. TRE was designed for groups and communities!


There's a bit more to it ...


In short, over the course of the training you'll gain an understanding of the neurophysiology and anatomy of stress and trauma and the skills to work safely in a contained way with clients.

The aim is for you to embody your TRE process and the principles of grounding and self-regulation, and to support clients in finding safety, meeting themselves and feeling more present and alive.

The course is fully accredited by TRE for All, Inc: For full details of certification visit




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