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Stress is the key factor in employee wellbeing and creating an effective happy healthy team. TRE is an effective tool to offer to employees in a group or individual session and also can enhance interpersonal relationships



In 2015/2016 stress accounted for 37% of all work-related illness and 45% of all working days lost. There were over 488,000 incidences of occupational-related stress, depression and anxiety as reported in the Labour Force Survey (LFS). This equates to a loss of 11.7 million working days. 

In addition, employees' wellbeing and work productivity is directly affected by experience outside of the workplace and other health conditions indirectly caused by demands and challenges that overwhelm our ability to cope.

Employee wellbeing is at the heart of any successful organisation. An important part of creating a happy and empowered workforce is offering support and tools to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and develop resilience and quality in working life.




TRE (Tension Releasing Exercises), is a powerful stress management tool to offer to employees. It provides a simple, quick and natural release valve to regulate stress, reduce anxiety and enhance resilience- whatever the cause.


I offer two hour TRE workshops within the workplace or at an external studio. This can be during or outside working hours. Weekly lunchtime 4 week courses to learn TRE and how to reboot the nervous systems are also available. 


TRE can be beneficial for those working with trauma vicariously. For example first responders, doctors and nurses, those working with victims of abuse and in drug and alcohol support services, the police and counsellors/therapists.

I work with other experienced practitioners in Sussex and can tailor wellbeing workshops and individual support, combining other therapies and practices such as Massage, Yoga, Brainspotting and Cransiosacral Therapy.

To discuss your requirements or to arrange an 
appointment please email me at

or call 07886 659976.

Alternatively use the online contact form. 


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