Module Content and Learning Objectives

Open to those wishing to deepen their understanding of TRE and personal practice.

For those wishing to complete the TRE Process Process with the view of teaching

TRE to individuals and groups, in addition to Module 1.

All Modules are two days and currently online. All three Modules together with a supervision process, personal journalling and core reading are required to become a TRE Provider. You can complete the training in a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 24 months.



  • An understanding of TRE and ‘The Tremor Mechanism’

  • Learning to shake and contain your tremors

  • The concept of grounding in TRE

  • Self-regulation and the importance of going slow

  • The neurophysiology of stress and trauma and how shaking reboots

  • Avoiding Freezing, Flooding and Dissociation

This Module also includes a demonstration by David Berceli, the founder of TRE, on the afternoon of Day 1



Teaching TRE to Individuals

  • Safely teaching the 7 TRE with grounding and self-regulation

  • Verbal skills, awareness and key interventions

  • An introduction to Polyvagal Theory (Stephen Porges)

  • An introduction to fascia and following the body

  • Early signs of overwhelm and how to safely work with

  • The importance of presence in co-reguation and basic interventions to support regulation



Teaching TRE in Groups

  • How to teach TRE to groups

  • Interventions and following the body (online and touch) in groups

  • Key skills and professional ethics in TRE

  • Attachment Theory, transference and counter-transference

  • Early signs of overwhelm and how to safely work with Self-care



TRE Provider Process Supervision

Running alongside the three Modules, is a minimum 12 supervision sessions with a TRE Mentor to support you in your personal process (4 sessions), teaching individuals (4 sessions post Module 2), and teaching groups (4 sessions post Module 3). A learning plan is developed with your mentor and there is a final certification session with myself. Please note that this is the minimum supervision requirement and additional sessions maybe needed.


Reading and Written Work


3 written pieces

(suggested 250-500 words):

The written pieces are on:

  • Tremors and Health

  • The Physiology of Trauma

  • A summary of trauma and TRE Theory



  • Personal journal of your ‘shakes’ and personal process




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