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Train TRE Policies and Guidelines for Certification as a TRE Provider with Train TRE and all Train TRE Training Events

The Module 1 TRE Workshop and TRE Certification Training with Train TRE is facilitated by Deborah Brown, Registered Certification Trainer with TRE for All. These are specialised courses designed Dr David Berceli for personal use (Module 1) and to train others to teach TRE safely to individuals and groups. The latter is called The TRE Provider Process.

If you are enrolling in one of the above trainings please read these terms and if you are undertaking The Provider Process those below in the TRE Certification section from TRE for All. It is a pre-requisite for attendance on the trainings to agree to these terms. 


Safety is a basic and necessary requirement for learning. It is the responsibility of the Trainer and Team to establish and maintain a feeling of the safety within the group so that learning can occur. The training team presumes participants have a mature level of interpersonal competency, good communication skills, and sufficient self-regulation skills to manage their own needs while attending the course.

The safety of all participants and the team members is paramount at all times.

Any abuse, discrimination, rudeness or disrespect for any reason by anyone in the training is unacceptable.

If a participant at a training is:

  • Unable to manage and regulate themselves adequately or they pose excessive distraction;

  • Rude or otherwise disrespectful to the trainer, team or any participant;

  • Prevents the trainer adequately teaching the course because of their behaviour


Train TRE reserves the right to immediately discontinue that participant’s right to participate in the remainder of the training and they will be asked to leave immediately.

Scope of Training and Practice

Experiential Practice Sessions

Training courses include experiential exercises. Your participation in these training exercises will help you appreciate the effectiveness of TRE.

During practise sessions, those in the “client role” will be working with a another trainee. We rely on you to take care of your own safety by taking up the option to “pass” at any point on any individual or group activity or demonstration that you are not comfortable with, and to practice appropriate self-disclosure at a level that is right for you. Train TRE courses are not offered as a time or place for personal therapy, nor for detailed academic debate.

Personal Therapy 

It is presumed that participants have regular therapy where required and are able to access therapeutic support if they need it after the training for processing personal matters that may get brought up over the course of the training.

When we are working with the body old issues may emerge to be healed. If this is the case, it is the participants responsibility to seek therapeutic support after the training.

Please inform Train TRE of any background personal information the trainer should be aware of prior to the training and speak to the trainer if any personal issues arise during the course.

Should any issues arise from the training that need further support, this is not the responsibility of Train TRE or of the trainer.

Train TRE Training Format

There is a combination of the following:

  • Lecture 

  • Practical personal process sessions/practice teaching TRE in pairs, triads or groups (module dependent)

  • Sharing and discussion

  • Detailed debate is not covered. Rather you are signposted to reading materials to support your further learning

  • We will try to answer most questions, however please understand that if you have a lot of questions that we have a time restraint and the space for questions needs to be shared among the group


We ask everyone to maintain the confidentiality throughout the workshops and that information will not be shared with others outside of the training.


We ask you to limit your questions and comments to your own process as the practice client and 'Provider'. Please respect the confidentiality of your practise partner’s confidential sharing during sharing sessions.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Should Train TRE need to cancel a training or workshop due to unforeseen circumstances or due to circumstances outside of our control (e.g.COVID restrictions or force majeure), we will aim to give you as much notice as possible and reschedule your training to an alternative future date. All monies paid will be transferred.


We do not offer refunds for any trainings or workshops.

Data Protection

At Train TRE we really value our community and we’d love to send you occasional information about future trainings, workshops, and other opportunities in TRE by email, phone or other electronic means. We’ll always treat your personal details with the utmost care and will never send them to other companies for marketing purposes. You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.

We thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Train TRE


TRE Certification Training - TRE for All Agreement of Understanding


You must successfully complete the entire certification program to develop the needed skills and competencies to teach TRE to others.

There are three groups of people attending the TRE Training (Module 1):

1. PERSONAL USE: Those who are attending to learn TRE for their own personal use and have no intention of teaching others and therefore no interest in continuing on with TRE Certification. 2. NOT SURE: Those who will decide about certification after the completion of this module.
3. CERTIFY PROCESS TO TEACH TRE: Those who intend to teach others TRE and therefore will continue on to become a Certified TRE Provider.

PERSONAL USE: You will learn about your own self-regulation needs and will most likely be able to continue on with a successful personal practice of TRE that will support your health and healing for the remainder of your life.

NOT SURE: Please read this pledge carefully. At any point you become interested in teaching others TRE you will need to become a fully Certified TRE Provider. You will need to enroll in the certification program as you do not have the competency to teach others TRE following an initial training.


Agreement of Understanding TRE® for All (UK)


You are not to practice-teach TRE beyond the guidelines given to you by your TRE Certification Trainer.

It is imperative that you go through all the training steps to develop the skills and knowledge to competently teach TRE to the general public. This is true even if you have other skills and experience that you see as closely related to TRE.

You are enrolling in the TRE certification program to learn this unique technique. We ask that you give yourself the opportunity to learn what TRE alone can do to promote health and healing for yourself and others.Through certification you will develop the competency and skills needed to teach TRE.

Teaching TRE professionally to individuals and/or groups without full TRE certification is a violation of copyright and can be considered malpractice.


Participants understand the following:


Individuals who are participating in any exercise program consult their physician or appropriate health-care providers prior to beginning any new exercise program including TRE. Individuals who have the following conditions or concerns consult their health-care or mental health professionals prior to performing these exercises:

  1. Physical or psychological conditions that require attention and/or regulation care o Fragile psychological defenses for which you need ongoing professional psychological support and/or medication o Complex history of trauma

  2. Restricting physical or medical limitations

  3. Individuals with specific conditions and/or concerns seek out a Certified TRE Provider with expertise in the area of your concern.

  4. Individuals under the care of a medical professional consult with that professional prior to making any changes to their treatment plan.


I understand and agree to the following: 

I take full responsibility for my own well-being.

I accept full responsibility to work within comfortable limits of my body’s abilities and to educate myself concerning self-regulation.

I assume and accepts the risk of any adverse outcome from the practice of TRE.

I releases TRE® FOR ALL from complete legal, financial and medical liability associated with the practice of TRE.

I am voluntarily participating in a workshop and practicing these exercises on my own volition.


Participants understand the following:


TRE is a technique based on the body’s natural response for releasing tension and stress. TRE was developed as a self-help technique. However, it has increasingly been seen as a valuable complementary practice that can be integrated with traditional treatment modalities when used by mental health and health-care professionals

TRE has not been evaluated by the USA Food & Drug Administration or the American Medical Association or in the UK therefore we need to provide the following information:

TRE is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Medical advice must only be obtained from a physician or qualified health practitioner.

Results may vary between individuals.

There are no guarantees, expressed, written or implied.

The TRE process should not be used as a substitute for trauma recovery procedures of a medical or psychological nature.


Those proceeding with certification understand and agree to the following:

I will take full liability for any claim, suit or proceeding brought against me by another individual as a result of any TRE presentations, classes and/or groups I provide; thereby, releasing TRE® FOR ALL and Train TRE from legal, financial and medical liability that may be incurred.

I will practice-teach (for no fee) within the guidelines and limits set up by my TRE Certification Trainer to meet their certification requirements.

I will only teach TRE for a fee (or any monetary exchange) once fully certified as a Certified TRE Provider.

TRE® FOR ALL advises that you continue improving your TRE practice skills through TRE supervision and/or ongoing skill development training offered through TRE® FOR ALL and independent Certification Trainers.

The TRE process and TRE itself as a neutral technique and modality. It is not aligned with any spiritual belief system or with any other therapeutic modality. I understand the need to keep TRE separate from any belief system or particular therapeutic modality in my clinical practice, verbal communications and/or written publications of any kind.

Once certified, if there is an ethical complaint against me I will be expected to:

Cooperate with the TRE® FOR ALL Ethics Board to assist in a truthful and accurate determination of the complaint.

Abide by any recommendations and/or determinations issued by the TRE® FOR ALL Ethics Board.

Understand that in some situations a valid ethical complaint could be grounds for forfeiting my Certified TRE Provider status.

Understand that not cooperating with and/or not following recommendations of the TRE Ethics Board could be grounds for forfeiting their Certified TRE Provider status.

NOTE: The intention of the TRE Ethics Board is to uphold standards within the TRE community and to provide guidance and education. Asking a Certified Provider to forfeit their certification would only happen in situations where corrective actions or steps were not possible.


 Those seeking certification MUST understand the following:

A Certified TRE Providers is certified to:

Teach the TRE process to individuals and groups

Support the participant in understanding their TRE experience

Integrate TRE into other stress related workshops and trainings they teach

Teach a brief history and an introduction of the stress response as it relates to TRE

Teach TRE self-regulation and modification techniques as needed, as long as they work within their professional “scope of practice” knowledge and skills

Assess whether or not TRE can be used as a self-help technique for any particular person

Present TRE with the focus being on teaching and empowering the individual to be able to use TRE as a self-help technique to promote lifelong health and healing

Integrate TRE as a complementary practice, into other treatment modalities they use in their professional practice. But always keeping boundaries between the modalities, distinguishing what is TRE versus what is not TRE, when teaching.

Those seeking certification MUST understand the following:

Certified TRE Provider are NOT certified to:

  • Formally or professionally teach the theory of TRE as presented in the 6 days of certification training. (Example: They can teach a 6 day training using TRE throughout, however it’s content needs to be primarily composed of content OTHER than what is taught in the Certification Training.)

  • Train OR certify OR give another person permission to teach TRE to others.


  • When TRE is used in any advertisement (especially for multi-day workshops) they must be clear in the advertisement this is for personal use and NOT for certification purposes.

  • Respect and adhere to trademark and copyright restrictions as outlined by TRE® FOR ALL. They can contact their Certification Trainer and/or the TRE® FOR ALL office about copyright questions.

  • They cannot video or print the TRE process for public distribution - any form of social media.

  • Everyone can purchase all materials that show the TRE process from TRE® FOR ALL. (

    All Certification Trainers within the TRE organization reserves the right to communicate any and all information they deem necessary about the trainee to any other Certification Trainer or CT Mentor within the TRE organization for the purpose of maintaining consistency and supporting the certification training process.

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